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Very few women look forward to their monthly visit, so it might be surprising to know that many of them have looked into inducing their periods at some point in their lives.

There are women who also look into how to delay a period more frequently. But, various factors that hinder the menstruation process can be tackled with these emmenagogue foods and herbs.

emmenagogue herbs

There are no fail-safe techniques for kick-starting your period, but there are various ways that can make your that time of the month come faster in case you have a delayed menstruation. Here's everything you need to know about the emmenagogue foods and herbs to induce your period naturally.

Pineapple is the go-to fruit for inducing your period. Do you know why? It contains bromelain, an enzyme that softens the uterus lining, helping it to shed and kick-start your monthly flow. This fruit increases the production of white and red blood cells, thereby increasing blood flow and potentially leading to a heavier period.

In addition, pineapple relaxes your muscles and eases your menstrual cramps. Ginger is another food that induces your period naturally, causing contractions in the uterus to jump-start your flow. Ginger is rich in antioxidants, that reduce pain, vomiting and nausea while you are on your periods.

You can have ginger in the form of ginger tea. Parsley is an excellent and mild emmenagogue herb that can help kick-start your period.

This herb helps soften the cervix and level out hormonal imbalances that could be delaying your menstrual cycle, thus making your period come faster. The most effective way to include parsley into your diet is to either have parsley tea or add it to your green smoothie.

Angelica root or Dong Quai is another herb that helps start your period.

The Emmenagogues

People who suffer from menstrual cramps or menstrual problems, this root herb is also recommended to them. Eating papaya or drinking papaya juice can help induce periods. It has been found that the purported emmenagogic effect of papaya might be associated with the high amounts of carotene and vitamin C in this fruit. Also, papaya contains an enzyme called papain that plays a major role.Disclaimer: This is not anything you should try at home without supervision from a knowledgeable herb person.

Current and reliable information on herbal birth control is rare. In the Western tradition much information on birth control as well as safe birthing techniques was destroyed during the European Witch hunts circa Having such knowledge was proof positive that you were a witch. Other historical information is often incomplete, with only a local common name, or no exact dosages.

Researchers often discard supportive techniques such as fasting or ritual as mere superstition. Current studies tend to be anecdotal rather than strictly lab controlled data.

This does not mean they are not of value, but again pertinent info may be missing.

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Such as was the woman pregnant in the first place? Anecdotal info can give us ideas on where to start and what the possibilities are. They have also shown us that herbal abortives are not themselves without side effects, often severe. All herbal info on abortives should be thoroughly researched before use.

Some herbalists feel that herbal abortions are more dangerous than clinical abortions. Abortive herbs are toxic and do have side effects. They are not safer because they are natural. Clinical abortions are certainly more effective. Most importantly an herbal abortion should never be undertaken unless a women is willing to follow up with a clinical abortion if the herbs fail.

Varying success rates have been claimed for herbal birth control. It is important to remember that most of these rates are based on the incidence of successfully bringing on a delayed period, not in aborting a definite pregnancy.

Since many herbs seem to work the best close to the time of the first missed menstrual period, many women have not had a pregnancy test at the time they took herbal abortives. Also there's not as much research on herbal abortives with confirmed pregnancy. Their method involved the use of at least two herbs at a time. Generally one emmenagogue bleeding stimulator with an oxytocic uterine contraction stimulator for no more than six days starting as soon as a woman's period is late.

However only one of the women had a positive pregnancy test, so actual success rates were certainly much lower. In a highly quoted New Mexico study, Cotton root bark had a very high success rate, with a fairly low toxicity. However it appears that very few of the women were actually pregnant based on blood tests and screening.

emmenagogue herbs

Less info is available on prevention of pregnancy with herbs.Common names: Hibiscus also is known as karkade, red tea, red sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, rosella, soborodo Zobo drinkKarkadi, roselle, and sour tea.

Ethno or other evidence of efficacy. Roselle is native to tropical Africa, but today grows throughout many tropical areas. This annual herb produces elegant red flowers. The flowers calyx and bract portions are collected when slightly immature. The major producing countries are Jamaica and Mexico.

The hibiscus has had a lengthy history of use in Africa and neighboring tropical countries. Its fragrant flowers have been used in sachets and perfumes. In areas of northern Nigeria, this plant has been used to treat constipation.

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Fiber from H. The fleshy red calyx is used in the preparation of jams, jellies, and cold and warm teas and drinks. The leaves have been used like spinach. The plant is used widely in Egypt for the treatment of cardiac and nerve diseases and has been described as a diuretic. In Iran, drinking sour tea for the treatment of hypertension is a popular practice. It has been used in the treatment of cancers. Research reveals little or no evidence of these medicinal uses of hibiscus. The mucilaginous leaves are used as a topical emollient in Africa.

In Western countries, hibiscus flowers often are found as components of herbal tea mixtures. In Thailand, people consume roselle juice to quench thirst. Karkade seed products ie, karkade defatted flour, protein concentrate, protein isolate have been studied for their nutritional and functional value. A randomized clinical trial evaluated the effect of sour tea available commercially in Iran on essential hypertension in otherwise healthy volunteers.

A decrease in blood pressure was seen. However, after cessation of drinking the sour tea, a rise in blood pressure occurred. Although no adverse effects were seen in this study, the use of sour tea for treating hypertension requires further study. Aqueous extracts of hibiscus appear to exert a slight antibacterial effect.

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In laboratory and animal studies, worms were killed by hibiscus extracts. Research reveals little or no clinical data regarding the use of hibiscus as an antibacterial or vermifuge kill worms.

Components of hibiscus have shown potential as a chemopreventative agent against tumor promotion in laboratory and animal studies. These components also possess anti-inflammatory properties.Learn something new every day More Info An emmenagogue is an herb which stimulates the body to begin menstruating.

There are a number of herbs which can have this effect, including ginger, pennyroyal, parsleyblue cohosh, and yarrow.

Such herbs can be used in a variety of ways and some have a very long history of use among women. Many emmenagogues are widely available from practitioners of alternative medicine along with health food stores and some large grocery stores which carry herbs and supplements.

They can also be wildcrafted by people who are familiar with plant identification. There are a number of reasons why menstruation may be delayed. Sometimes women experience irregular periods as a result of stress, poor diet, or disease.

Using an emmenagogue can help a woman regulate her period, or can hasten menstruation when it appears to be imminent but is not occurring.

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Women who want to control the timing of their periods may use herbal preparations to regulate their menstrual cycles. Hormonal birth control can be used for the same purpose, but women may object to using hormonal birth control for ethical or health reasons.

Menstruation can also be delayed as a result of pregnancy, and emmenagogues are sometimes treated as being similar to abortifacients. It is important to note that while some herbs can cause abortion, many are not strong enough to do so. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage naturally during their early stages and if a woman takes an emmenagogue at the onset of miscarriage, it may cause the mistaken belief that an abortion has occurred.

For the most part, these herbs will stimulate menstruation if a woman's cycle is delayed for reasons other than pregnancy, but some emmenagogues can cause abortions and others can be dangerous.

Herbal preparations can be taken in the form of teas and tinctures.

Emmenagogue Herbs

Fresh or dried herbs may be used for an emmenagogue preparation, and it is also possible to find pill formulations of some emmenagogues. Health food stores may stock teas which consist of a blend of emmenagogues which are marketed to women who want to regulate their cycles or who want to treat problems such as cramps. Herbs can be dangerous. Before taking any herbal preparation, including an emmenagogue, women should make sure that it is not contraindicated in their case.

Some emmenagogues, for example, can cause seizures or heart problems in women with certain conditions. Herbal preparations can also interfere with pharmaceutical products or result in bad drug interactions.Emmenagogues stimulate menstrual flow in women who would normally be having a period.

Mugwort tea is a good example of a traditional herb for amenorrhea. Looking for something you can read offline?


Join our mailing list and get a free copy of Methods for Using Herbs. This free handbook includes instructions on how to make basic herbal preparations at home. It covers making herbal teas, herb infused oils and balms, tinctures, and more.

Agrimony, Agrimonia eupatoria L. Alfalfa, Medicago sativa L. Angelica root, Angelica archangelica. Basil, Ocimum basilicum. Bay Laurel, Laurus nobilis.


Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot, Monarda didyma. Black Cohosh root, Cimicifuga racemosa. Black Seed oil, Nigella sativa. Blessed Thistle, Cnicus benedictus. Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis L. Blue Cohosh Root, Caulophyllum thalictroides. Cacao, Theobroma cacao L. Calamus root, Acorus calamus. Calendula, Calendula officinalis. Caraway Seed, Carum carvi. Catnip, Nepeta cataria. Celery Seed, Apium graveolens. Chamomile, Matricaria recutita. Chanca Piedra, Phyllanthus niruri.

Chaste Tree, Vitex agnus-castus. Cilantro, Coriandrum sativum. Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea. Coriander, Coriandrum sativum. Cornflowers, Centaurea cyanus. Cumin, Cuminum cyminum.View Cart Checkout. Newsletter Sample Lesson Students Only. During the middle ages it was used to make an ointment that was regarded as useful for sorcery. Dosage : standard dosage or gms. It may be used with other appropriate guiding herbs for almost any kind of pain, including the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.

This is one of the most valued herbs for pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A basic blood moving and pain relieving combination is equal parts corydalis, frankincense, myrrh, dang quai and ligusticum.

All or part of this combination can be added to any formula to relieve pain. Combined with other herbs it is used as a bitter tonic for the stomach and urinary system. It is grown in the West as an ornamental, so could be made available from local sources.

It deserves wider appreciation and recognition from Western herbalists. Problems: Corydalis deserves wider appreciation from Western herbalists. Dosage: gms. It relieves menstrual pains and helps reduce uterine tumors. Used externally or internally, turmeric promotes healing in cases of trauma or injury. A condiment for cooking, it is the main ingredient in curries. The Chinese prefer the smaller, less aromatic roots you Jonwhich they consider to be cooling, for medicinal usage.

Dosage: standard dosage or gms. Chinese women often use it combined with Doug quai as a menstrual regulator. This is an important heart herb in Western herbalism. It should be used only in its fresh state or freshly tincturednot dried. It is different from the Chinese species Lycopi luciduswhich it closely resembles, although both grow in damp or marshy environments.

3.7 Herbal Abortives and Birth Control

The Chinese variety has emmenagogue and diuretic properties and is used for delayed menstruation and urinary problems. For treating traumatic bruises and injuries, it is combined with other herbs in a liniment, and also taken internally. Both varieties are good for cardiac problems.Emmenagogues also spelled emmenagogs are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus ; some stimulate menstruation.

Women use emmenagogues to stimulate menstrual flow when menstruation is absent for reasons other than pregnancy, such as hormonal disorders or conditions like oligomenorrhea light menses. According to Riddle [1]the term emmenagogue is used to cover up the true nature of the herb, which is an abortifacient.

These herbs were used to assist women whose menstruation was 'delayed', for the obvious reason that they had conceived. Later on, this use was hidden and the term 'emmenagogue' was introduced to give the impression that the herb increased menstrual flow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

emmenagogue herbs

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